Igor Dontsov was born in 1981 in Saint Petersburg – the cultural capital of Russia. The magic spirit and historical atmosphere of this incredible city influenced young artist. In 1998 he enters The Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia where he majors  in Visual Arts Department. In 2003 he graduates from this university and started developing his own creative work.

Since 2003 Igor Dontsov takes part in several well-known exhibitions: "Animal Painters Exhibition" in Manege of Saint-Petersburg, "The Hope" - exhibition of young artists in The Great Hall of Russian Artist Union (St. Petersburg), "Petersburg" - annual autumn exhibition.

In 2004 Igor Dontsov launches his own aerography studio.

In 2005 Igor Dontsov organizes his own exhibition in a famous cafe "Coffee Break" (St. Petersburg). It was successful and a very nice start.

Moves to Prague, Czech Republic in 2009.

Inspired by the best traditions of pop art in the classic sense, Igor focuses on the development of the style and expanding its scope to create new art, new wave of pop art. His works closely echo the stencil art, using a similar mood, screen technique and delicacy.
In his works, Igor honestly and candidly exposes the soul of today's young people, portraying emotion and experience, with all the inherent aesthetics and randomness (Shape of my heart, Lolita, Lips to lips). Inner and outter romanticism is continuously combined with reigning in the community on consumption trends (Enjoy your dream, Shopping)

In 2012 takes part in the exhibition NAME in Brick Lane Gallery, London, UK.

Later Igor explores his entrepreneur skills and focuses on the business side project full time.

Classic still life is a central object of his current paintings series. Inspired by flemish and dutch 17th century artists and painted in typical for that time manner, those oil on canvas works gathered some love from the public as they fit into the most of the interiors.